View Full Version : PVP ADDICTS - top 250 and looking to improve

Kiss Of Death
03-25-2013, 02:24 AM
Hello, we need 6 more players

Min level 30.

No min donations required just what you can and all your bricks for walls.

Our key requirement is you make sure you have at least 100 wins in the end of month district gang fights! Low level players with high stats always score higher points than high level players with awesome stats so I will recruit form level 30 up. If you have a pretty awesome under level 30 account that you want me to accept PM me first.

Invites in my signature below

So far stats are:

Fight Respect payout + 25% (Max)
Jobs Payout + 5% (1/5)
Car Defense +15% (3/5)
Building Output + 15% (3/5)
Melee Defense +25% (Max)
Gun Defense +20% (4/5)
Armor Defense +10% (2/5)
Explosive Defense +5% (1/5)
Building Defense +25% (Max)
Syndicate Increase +14

We are about to buy Armor Attack +5%

Join and have fun and kick butt in teh gang wars for cool prizes

Luv Anna