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Kiss Of Death
03-25-2013, 02:59 AM
Lol, I love this... I haven't looked over the posts in ages since I "Quit these games forever" after a bad marriage breakdown last year... only to sneak back in quietly and start again months later swearing to play it quiet and lightly... then the Factions started in MW... oh dear oh my I was hooked again and found myself over committed to playing MW... then the Syndicates in CC started and I created my own and came top 250 with my crew and had fun doing it... and now in KA... by far my favorite game because I love the idea of being a stainless steel bikini warrior riding on a giant muscley dragon between my... well I need say no more.

Again I swore I'd save and play for free... oh god then LTQ's caught my eye! All those pretty stats and icons and all I had to do was spend $110 every single time one started to get them all... sigh I admit it... I'm a Gem Junkie !!

But I'm back and bad as ever playing my 2 KA accounts, 3 MW accounts and 3 CC accounts... MQ... what was that boring game? Something about mindless breeding over and over and no action? No point to allies... no point to the game really...

Well I am succeeding I ACTUALLY have a KA account (Mind you itís the third one really) that has not had one gem spent on it and I've even managed with great pain sweat and tears aplenty to NOT attack players and stay low level... the mind numbing slow process of camping makes me want to vomit! but I have now also started a 3rd MW and CC account with the intent of playing for free... and again that mind numbing slowness and nothingness is grinding me... but I must persevere because my last efforts at MW, CC and KA (second accounts) to camp and play for free failed miserably :( somehow they ended up with thousands of gold and gems in them and who knows how that happened.

Miss all the olde guys and look forward to the rivalry now building in KA amongst all the helpless forum groups that were there.... I remember in my day it was really just the Royal Knights and Forum Knights, now we can all test our mettle on each other in real group fights and battles!

So a big rasberry to all the non Forum Knights ou there and a bigger one to all those naughty Royal Knights I loved to call my allies last year.. may the best guilds win and have a damn good fun time doing it. ;)

Love all of you KoD, Forum Knights original Queen of Death mwah

Hmmm... oops I spend my single parent pension again... guess the kids can beg out the front again for food this week ;) - just for all you nasty people who think the forum is just a place to winge about players who spend money and how unfair it all is in the capitalist horrid world we live in and how we could do so much more the needy instead of spending it here... and yes i've now met some of you do gooders who do nothing in RL.