View Full Version : Progress in a fun and pro active faction (top500): 22SAS recruit

03-25-2013, 08:51 AM
Join a fun & active faction today (top500). Faction code: 214 396 895
Faction name: 22 SAS
A fun, ambitious and active faction is looking for new active recruits.
Do you want to join a fun & active faction? Join us! We finished top500, targeting top250 and we enjoy the game, have fun, have no gold demands, and do missions, fight wars and donate regularly. We just want to enjoy and progress up the leader board.

We have two open spots:
Health regen: 14%
Inf Def: 20%
Grd def: 10%
Air Def: 10%
Sea Def: 5%
Building def: 20%
Faction members: 34

We're looking for active players with 30k-40K att and def.

Look forward to you joining.