View Full Version : Faction Cyberraiders - Members wanted !!!

03-25-2013, 01:15 PM
Looking for active members for TOP 1000 or better !!!

Our Faction "Cyberraiders" are looking for new members. You should be team players and willing to participate actively to reach our goals. We are a great team and help each other. Our goal is to reach a ranking within the first 1000 faction in China. In Egypt we scored rank 1850 just because half of the members were not participating. This will change now as we are looking for fresh blood.

We have active members who are donating and contributing to the cause.

- You should be willing to participation in events.

- You should be team players and willing to participate actively.

- (Light) Gold Spenders are very wecome.

- If you want to merge your Group with us please PM me.

- Dead weight was removed. Now we have several free spots.

Faction Cyberraiders: 247 028 557

15 % building defense
15% infantry defense
10% ground defense
10% health bonus
5% air defense
24 member slots - only 2 spots free
We are planning to have more slots, so another 6 - 8 spots should be open soon
Working on further bonuses -> Building output

Active players wanted ! We also have our private Board on Funzio Forums.

Contributions of 1 Million per day preferred !

High level players with good atk and def values preferred but not mandatory. Main thing is active participation and good team spirit.

* * * APPLY NOW !!! * * *