View Full Version : Top 50 Syndicate looking to fill 13 open spots

03-25-2013, 06:18 PM
Syndicate Name - Top Dawgs [TDG]
Syndicate Invite Code - 551 349 869

We finished in the top 50 in the last event, and we did it with half our team inactive. We have since dropped those members, and are looking to fill those spots with active players. We have 90% of the bonuses maxed out. We do NOT have a level or stat requirement, but we do require all members to be active daily players, make regular donations, have a mafia size of at LEAST 500, and it is mandatory all members download the Palringo app and join us in our group chat there.

If you are looking to join a strong syndicate that is only going to get stronger, shoot us a request, and one of our officers will be in touch.