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03-26-2013, 11:24 PM
Ok - obviously we do need some of you otherwise we wouldn't be posting.

We were #34 in the Midtown event and #41 in the first PVP tournament. We have added some great players since then - but more importantly we dropped a bunch of inactives - so we are making a push for the big time in Market Plaza (let's be honest, we aren't planning to take down the Fight Club or Indians - but top 10 is where we plan to be).

We are in need of some players who are very active, strong for their level, level 140+ , and preferably willing to play some gold during the main event.

We have the same bonuses that everyone else is bragging about, so yes, you will be instantly richer and instantly more powerful because of us (sorry - in game only).

The more important stuff is that we have a great bunch of players from around the world who are active and helpful. Loyalty is important to us, so we aren't interested in having players who like to change syndicates on a weekly basis (we will find you...). We also like players who will jump in on the forum and offer advice or suggestions to other players when they are looking for ideas to get stronger (you will find out - communication is important).

If you haven't joined a syndicate yet (?really?) or want to move to a new team that is moving up, check us out.

(Join soon so that we can give you the boot if you aren't being active before the main event starts!)
** The Untouchables **
959 527 291

** If you are from a failing syndicate that has a few good players and a bunch of freeloaders, dump them and bring your active friends with you. No sense wasting your efforts on players who aren't helping you.

03-30-2013, 02:29 PM
Down to just a couple of spots.