View Full Version : Ranked 717 last event

03-27-2013, 04:57 AM
Cut 7 who were inactive. Need To fill last 2 spots. Looking to move into top 500. No gold required but we have some who use it lightly during wars. We do expect daily donations and to participate in each battle as much as possible. All while having fun.

Only officers start wars and we communicate through the forums.

Health +14%
Inf DEf +20%
Build Def +20%
Ground Def +10%
Air Def +5%
GMI +4

MINIMUM LVL 45. Must have minimum allies and units for your level.

PM me if interested and we can visit some more.

Faction ID 564 907 916

Player ID 596 824 435

War God
Stats lvl 117 attk 60437 Def 71337 Raids won 19603 Raids lost 1207 Fights won 7531 Fights lost 1564 Allies 1073 Units 4598