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Thirteen Squid
03-27-2013, 05:25 PM
OK we finished easily with Top 250 in Battle for Midtown. We were sitting in around 127th and we decided to take foot of gas for last two days. I myself would have finished Top 500 with well over 250,000 Influence Points. I am the leader and believe I have to lead by example. So I guarantee Top 250 minimum even if it comes out of my own pocket.

Luckily I shouldn't have to as since the last battle we have recruited 15 new players all of whom scored big points for other syndicates but were on poor teams. They are of varied levels and stats and they all appear to be very happy....l! We have a worldwide membership so everyone welcome.

We have 54 members now. I want to refine and replace some players who are not active on our outside forum ...which points to the fact they will not particpate in battle!!!! We use a free app (apple and android) to chat, arrange battles, give advice and answer questions. We are easy going, not intense, friendly and well organised.

Recruitment is MORE select now unfortunately but we will work with you if you want to improve. We do have base requirements:-

Level 30+
Attack and Defense +10,000
500 mafia - (we will take you if you have less but you will be expected to get there within 2 weeks)
Willing to add the free outside forum
Want to be Top 100 minimum and take part in battles.

What will we do for you.. apart from the bonuses..

In battles we will Remove Defence Leader and Take out Hideout to Open DOUBLE POINTS
We will then scout targets and tell you who to attack to score most points.
We will give you advice how to grow your profile (if you want it!)
I do a weekly stat check to keep a little competition in house going and I post the results on our forum.

What we will not do..
We will not make empty promises
We will not demand your hard earned money (game or real world!)
We will not cut you for no reason
We will not just forget you and leave you to work things out yourself.
We will not use you to do constant power attacks leaving you no energy, and no fun.

Believe it or not we are quite laid back but very ambitious.

We should have most if not all bonuses before next battle.. we donate what we want when we want. But for those more interested in bonuses we have the following:

+25% Melee Defence
+25% Explosives Defence
+25% Car Defence
+25% Gun Defence
+25% Armor Defence
+25% Building Defence
+25% Hideout Health Defence

+25% BUilding Output
+25% Hideout Damage
+25% Respect Payout
+15% Influence Increase (will soon be 20%)

+25% Melee Attack
+20% Explosives Attack
+10% Car Attack
+10% Gun Attack
+25% Armor Attack

So if you think there is a chance your syndicate won't make the TOP 100, if you earned over 10,000 influence points (or want to try) and you are active and want the BIG rewards send me a PM. I have 4 inactive players I will replace. I may also add a few more spots as I have a few billion in the bank and next battle has been put back. PM first... just give me a little detail and how you did in last battle!

We will let you in and give you a chance to prove yourself. I will send you a welcome email to get you started on joining. So .... see you soon.. Send request to 330247713.. and PM me!

:cool: Good luck

Thirteen Squid
03-28-2013, 08:06 AM
Just 2 more places...

Thirteen Squid
03-29-2013, 11:03 AM
56 members NOW ... 4 remaining to max so we are putting off last influence bonus 27,000 Million for a couple of days to bring in new members and max out the syndicate... We are very active and very organised and looking for players who want to be top 100 and have scored 20,000 + influence points in the last battle. We believe that with us that with the same effort you WILL make far far more!

Get in touch.. ASAP

03-29-2013, 08:57 PM
73k atk 93k def 800k iph donate 8 mill daily looking for a more committed syndicate to join i currently have been puling too much weight and not enough members are making any effort, i have donated 22% of total donations and 17% if influence points my leader doesnt have what it takes to loose the dead weight -8 gmt thanks 882 533 333