View Full Version : US Marine Corps faction-with a Marine corps veteran as the leader

03-27-2013, 09:58 PM
We are a faction of mostly no gold or light gold players. we were ranked 580 in the first battle then 780 and the last one 1100 we need strong daily players to help us get back to the 500 level again. We do not have any demands other than donate what you can and be active. I am the leader of the group Byrd is my base name, I am level 116 with attack of 72,986 and defense of 80,525 we have stronger players and weaker players but most are active and helpful players. we have a group on funzio called US Marine Corps faction. our stats are Health regen -14%
Infantry defense +15%
Ground defense +10%
Air defense +10%
Sea defense +10%
building defense +20%
Guild member increase +12
we have 32 member guild, if you are at least 40,000 in defense and attack with preferably 500 allies join us and help us get back to the top 500. we have a good time and are not into being pushy or mean. after all this is a game intended to be fun, so join us and lets have some fun while being competitive.
429770000 US Marine Corps faction, you do not have to be a Marine to join we accept everyone who fits the above criteria even you FLY BOYS :)

07-06-2013, 03:05 PM
looking for help need daily players help us out :cool: