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03-28-2013, 12:06 AM
3 card monte, it's a rip off game offered to scam you on the streets of most big cities.

The conman has a paper box, three VISIBLE playing cards, a crowd of dupes, a couple shills in the crowd, and some muscle to back the barker's play.

The barker hypes the game, usually selecting the black queen, out of three cards appearing to be two red queens, plus the black queen.

Classic street scam game, and the mark (hopefully it ain't you), never wins.

After the mark has been "encouraged" and "groomed", the real betting begins, and unbeknownst to the mark, ONLY three red queens are ALL that ever will be available for his selection.

The game is designed to rip a mark off of all of his loot.

Well, three card monte ain't the only game that's rigged.

Be careful, don't get sucked in by promises of this and that.

You can't get conned if you choose not to play.

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As always a litte cryptic but I got your point :-)

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I like you PJ....I said to my faction that I want to recruit PJ...most of them don't want you...I can't figure why ;)

But I would keep you...we could sit on a camp fire...have good conversation about naval experiences...
Between the events we could even watch some old tv series with Richard Boone...
It could be so nice...