View Full Version : Be quick! Last minute clean up! 3 Spots available for Top 250 faction

03-28-2013, 09:54 PM
Horsemen of doom (TOP 250) looking for active players.

Great team we have openings for a few of active players, to go with are already strong and strategic faction.

Placed 256 in Egypt with 1,216,176 WD points (Though we were inside 250 before the time mess up)

Greenland we placed at 208

Brazil we placed 263

We are looking to add a few of active players that would bring us well into the top 250.

We have a mix of players at all levels that are all are strong and looking to build on this.

We have a mix of mental use gold players and free players and those who dabble with gold.

Minimum stats def/att: 20K

building def +20
Health +18
infantry att +5
infantry def +30
ground def + 15
air def + 15
Building output +5%
Sea def +5

Facebook page is active and friendly with a mix of Americans, ozzy's and brits.

If you want to join a family like faction please PM me with stats or use Faction code 779316882