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04-01-2013, 06:20 AM
Hello people.

I'm from Henchmen's True Calling (HTC) and we are looking for ~10 new members or even a merger (more spot can be made available by the next war).

Our placing have been:
Brazil - 52nd
Greenland - 92nd
Egypt - 91st
China - Top 250 Sudden Inactive and Easter :(

Needless to say, our goal is to get back into the top 100. We are compose of free players and gold players working in harmony to achieve this goal.

What are we looking for?
An active player, who is willing to put the time and effort to help us secure our goals.
Donation are up to you (mostly base on IPH, and we have people who donate 100% of their income too)
Last but not least, loyalty. We are looking for people, who are looking for a faction to call their home.
Stat wise, something decent for your level would be awesome.
WD points, what an active player would achieve at least

So if you are interested, shoot me a message, post on this thread or add me in game 209 395 061.

Bonuses (for those that want to know)
Health Regen 26 (MAX)
Infantry Attack 5
Infantry Defense 25
Ground Defense 15
Air Defense 15
Sea Defense 10
Building Defense 20
Building output 15
Guild increase +26

04-01-2013, 06:26 AM
Hi, we are cutting deadflesh now we are stable in top150 atm with only 20/25 members doing some rest are leeching.
We want to go into the top50 for next war. here are some stats and points we score.
279k - 121k - 107k - 101k - 95k - 90k - 89k - 65k - 58k - 55k - 49k - 49k - 39k - 38k - 33k - 32k - 29k - 28k - 27k - 25k - 24k - 19k and rest lower. some have low stats and low points but just kill walls

-26% health reg
+10% Ground attack
+5% air attack
+15% infantry attack
+5% sea attack
+30% infantry / ground / air def
+25% sea def
+30% building def
+20% output
+26 members

these are some of our bonusses we have and points we scored, like i said befor we have about 20/25 spots free soon, aiming for top50 next war but there need to be some merge between good players and good players

If you and some other good scoring guys like so put how much points you score and so on. (stay fighting for crap or cut dead flesh and go top 50)!

my ingame 968 274 271

04-01-2013, 06:29 AM
I sent you a message in the forum