View Full Version : Top 500 faction. 2 spots

04-01-2013, 02:43 PM
Texicans has grown bigger and stronger every war. 1400th, 1100th, 619 and 469th in china. We have 32 members that showed tremendous teamwork in china. Two that we moved to our sister faction.

We will increase guild twice more before ireland and purchase our 5th health

We are looking for only very active members. If you scored 20k points or more in china and have 50k attack/defense give me a pm so we can talk more about you coming aboard.

Only needing two, that shows the strength and commitment of this group.

04-01-2013, 07:51 PM
We moved a 3rd to our developmental faction. We now have 3 open spots. We are a fun group. We divide up into squads and have various competitions.
Who can raid the most in a day?
Who can donate the most in 24 hours (took a couple days off after this one...we raised 300 mil that day).
Who can donate the most concrete in 24 hours?
Who can grow defense the most in 2 weeks? I gave $10 itune card to winner.

Current competition is who can grow offense the most before ireland.

We will be top 500 again. Will you?

3 spots. We will be picky, but please do apply.