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04-01-2013, 05:27 PM
Hi Team,

Welcome to our very own personal forum. Here we can discuss different strategies.

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04-01-2013, 05:55 PM
Found some interesting info on here... Read Below:

My major concern is the points system. In Greenland our faction noticed that if you are within level 70-100 and you were aiming for top ten, the people with lower levels gain anywhere between 330-450 WD points of course that is if you go against a higher level player that you can beat. If someone was at say level 83 and went up against a level 183, he can score major WD points but what if the player is at level 200 already? If this player hits people close to his level that he can beat, he wont get anywhere near 400 for WD points. This gives the higher level players a huge disadvantage and in the long run, instead of investing in our own accounts, you will see factions investing in their own team mates' account because the WD system is just garbage if you are a high level player. Please excuse my PG13 language but this is a major problem IMO. Your high end players already buy a lot of gold units to get their attack numbers up and with that, they will most definitely keep on attacking and leveling up. If this WD system continues the way it is now, either you will see people start camping to avoid leveling up or you will see people send itunes giftcards to their faction mates because they wont make that much of a difference or even worse, high level players will start to notice that the only way to win this would be to stay below level 100 and get your stats up and camp till WD OR spend 3 or 4 times more gold than those level 70-100 spend just to get 4 times the WD points they get.
This is my opinion, others might disagree with me but this is the second WD event. If you think of this money wise, you need to think what you CAN do to give people hope to even reach top 3.

Lets take PUN (Pirate United Nation for those new people here who dont know what it is) as an example. They have scored somewhere at 34M points this WD if I am not mistaken. Most of them are special ops level 157+. Based on the current WD system you have now I am guessing that each member of PUN had to score between 600-1M WD points each to get that many points. PJ aside, the rest of PUN will eventually level up and will be forced to spend 3-4 times the amount of gold they have spent in this event just to stay number 1 while other factions will have an advantage by buying gold units and stop doing map events to get higher loot prizes. This will stop people from clicking the 20 gold to get an energy refill and probably a 10 gold to stop raids and attacks cause they dont want to gain XP and level up. When more of these events start rolling, those guys will start making less points per battle and will be required to spend more and more gold each event while other factions below them with low level players that have high stats gain 3-4 times their points just by clicking the 25 gold refresh in the battle. So in reality, if this continues the way it is now, it would be pointless to participate in these events if it means higher level players have a major disadvantage and are required to spend way more gold just to survive around top ten.

I do not speak in behalf of PUN, I am merely using them as an example here. The same can be said to just about anyone in top 10. At this point you are probably wondering WTF is this guy on about, GREE wants the money, GREE is GREEd, all jokes aside, if this continues, top factions will start to lose interest in these events and the money for you wont be as good as it is now. If level 200 means you need to spend so much more to get those lovely prizes in WD events then fine lets do this, but in the meantime no PVP, no boss events, no crate events, nothing that requires gold for me. I will sit and do free attacks and free raids with no refills for stamina or energy refills cause if I level up, I am screwed. I just feel bad for the people currently in level 200 who are gaining 120-180 WD points while their faction buddies with in lower levels are making 336-450 WD points.

04-02-2013, 07:53 AM
I doubt this very much...top factions do not need to buy gold to make up the 3 or 4 times difference in points (as it is being said)...they probalby have bonuses up the wazzooo and this is how they get their mega points.
I noticed in China that after the first war (first hour), our faction had about 2000 points and Ferr's emperor's was in first place with over 2 million points! (that's 1000 times more points than us in just the first hour)...this cannot be simply attributed to buying more gold to replenish attacks or having double the members we have...but I could be wrong!

I would like to know how the points system work a bit better when attacking opponents. Does anyone know why i may get 100 points on the first attack and less points after that? etc...etc...etc... understanding how this works will allow you to create a better strategy.

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04-02-2013, 09:01 AM
Yea the bonuses def help. check out this thread http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthread.php?46469-World-Domination-Official-Feedback-Thread

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04-08-2013, 08:27 AM
Boss Information

After Starting a thread asking about boss information decided to take the information and stick it in one thread.

Boss Tier's
(Without Health Regen/With 25% Health Regen From Faction)

Lvl 5-25. Boss 35 has approximately 160k health (12.3/10.6k Approx)

Lvl 26-50. Boss 35 has approximately 650k health (50/43k Approx)

Lvl 51-75. Boss 35 has approximately 1.35 million health (104/90k Approx)

Lvl 76-100. Boss 35 has approximately 2.35 million health (181/157k Approx)

Lvl 101-150. Boss 35 has approximately 2.13 million health (164/142k Approx). Yes, this tier is easier than the one below it.

Lvl 151-200. Boss 35 has approximately ?? (been nerfed herd 250k gets u lv 30 without gold)

The BEST method of using attacks is;

Attack 3 times, wait 1 minute and attack 2 more times (dieing).
Wait until your health as regenerated + 1 additional minute and attack twice again.

Reason: The boss will hit you for 25 health, you have 100 total and without boosts its 1 health regeneration per minute (20min with max faction boost).

Conclusion: Attacking twice with 26 health (26 minutes) does the same damage as attacking twice with 50 health (50 minutes).

With a perfect time;
Maximum:5+2+2+2+2=13 Attacks w/o boosts + 16 minutes spare.
Maximum:5=2+2+2+2+2=15 Attacks with boosts + 20 minutes spare (impossible to use the last 20minutes).

Free attack is roughly 80% of your raw attack

Damage per attack with cash hit is roughly your raw attack stat (there is some deviation)
Also a megahit is 4x your cash hit.

Using Dudebot's table, experience follows this pattern! (Formula is (5*Lvl)+5)

Lv 1-10 = 325xp
Lv 11-20 = 825xp
Lv 21-30 = 1325xp
Lv 31-35 = 850xp
Total = 3325xp

Confirmed, got 110 experience for beating lv21 arctic boss in tier 2. (5x10.5)+5=110.

Quote Originally Posted by Dudebot121256 View Post
Boss Level Allies Attack Hits HP's Reward Hit method XP
1 26 860 1 100% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 10
2 26 906 1 100% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 15
3 26 949 1 100% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 20
4 26 972 2 75% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money + Free 25
5 26 1,015 3 33% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 30
6 26 1,061 4 75% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 35
7 18 1,669 3 50% Snowfall Tactical Ranger Money 40
8 18 1,710 4 70% Blizzard Bomber Money 45
9 18 1,768 5 30% Tundra Navigator Money 50
10 18 1,819 6 65% Tundra Navigator Money + Free
11 19 1,893 6 30% Tundra Navigator Money
12 19 1,944
13 19
14 19
15 19
Lastly, leveling into another tier after defeating a boss level (lv1 for example) does NOT increase difficultly. Currently with the Evil CEO (07/02/13) I leveled from 50 (now 54) and on lv29 without using gold still. With the stat change getting level 20ish should have been my limit.

There was to many quotes being added and/or information in quote's we're being edited but the link's were outdated. Those who helped put this together but are no longer quoted, you know who you are and thank you

04-08-2013, 08:38 AM
FYI i have allies in my Faction that during the last Boss event were in the 151-200 Tier. They had 370k Attack and had 26% regen and 30% regen and were only able to make it to lvl 30 for free. This is still easier than it was believe it or not.

Supreme ruler
04-08-2013, 05:25 PM
thanks for the info