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04-04-2013, 11:29 PM
Hi guys sorry I know some of my questions have already been answered but ive been searching the forums maybe I misread or really cannot find some answers so I hope veterans can Help me and so are the new players whos going to ask this.

Here are my queries

1. Is there a Limit on adding Friends Daily.
Im a new player and just started playing so I don't have that many friends when I reached level 10 I unlocked the epic boss raid and there is only 3 days remaining before the boss end. So I started checking forums BEGGING for help and people started adding me as friends but
Here are some things I noticed

A. when I reach 11/51 the next friends I added cannot be added anymore.
B. I Noticed I only added 2 High Level players but low level players I can add more. What Happen is first 2 high levels added me then the middle levels then when higher levels are adding me again it says im full but when a level 10 add me I accepted and hes my friend how come like this?
C. So I deleted some Friends to make some new rooms but again I cannot accept the new Request telling me I am already Full but again when a low level added me they got accepted again.

Can someone please clarify what the real deal in adding friends are? whats the limit the restrictions etc etc.

2. Are Lower Rarity Armors Better than Legendary Boss armors?.
like I said I chased the very first boss armor I saw. with help of the others. Then I got it but when I check the Spreadsheet for Armors I saw that the Best Armors are not the legendary armors but those with + with them like the infernal lord, dark prince and sky guardian. I have some questions too

A. Is it advisable to enhance armor to a certain level before using the next Level armor? I mean right now im using the monk free referral armor then I got the Boss Hydromancer armor should I change armor now? or should I just max my monk first then let the other toons use it?.
B. Atlantean Avenger Armor + is almost same as the hydromancer armor should I just get the Atlantean instead?
C. Are there any advice on how to get items for Enhancing to max your armor. what I am doing is farming the thieves cove to get the coral for Seafoam Armor+ then use it as enhancer is that a good thing? how about the other armors you find like the rares one should we level them up before fusing them or just fuse them. What is a good armor that us new players can use?

3. What is the Basic Set-up for the Buildings and what buildings are good for starting and what will be the progress building.
I started by Following the Quest since I am new then found out I can delete the Fountain. But I keep wondering should I delete every other building and create lots of Guard House? Will I benefit from this? Is it advisable? What are the Veteran players (players playing ahead of me) Suggestions? Should I just focus on Building 3 to 4 sets of Gold Producing buildings or just leave them be?

04-04-2013, 11:32 PM
I have some more questions new players can also post here

04-05-2013, 12:10 AM
1. Can't really help you here, but from what I've experienced, it's just a glitch cause for me the problem came and went.

2. Usually the event boss armors aren't worth maxing unless you can get the plus version cause they're comparable to some level 50 armor+ like atlantean avenger+ and hydra hunter+. If you haven't noticed, level 50 armors are much easier to level up compared to level 70 armors. If I were you I'd just use whatever level 50 armors I have and rush for a atlantean avenger+ as it'll take a hell lot of time and money to get the event boss armor into the higher levels.

3. I didn't really bother much with this. I followed the questline for buildings till the end and then just replaced them all with training fields along the way. However I'm sure other more experienced players may have a different way.

Hope this helps :)

04-06-2013, 08:16 PM
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