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04-06-2013, 09:10 PM
Currently, CPs allocation is based primarily on the reverse level differentials, e.g. the larger the negative difference between your level and the level of your opponent – the higher is your CP, if you win. Obviously, such an allocation is biased towards lower level players, as someone with level 200 could not possibly find any opponent with level differential less than zero, at least until level ceiling is lifted, which is way overdue, IMO.

I do understand that such a bias could be useful by providing more incentive for lower players’ based/dominated guilds to compete in the “big leagues”. However, I don’t think it is good for the game, as it antagonizes a considerable group of KA base (high level players) and leads to boring games, when high end guilds don’t bother to attack seriously their low level opponents due to low win/pay off (CP) ratios.

This thread offers a poll on CP allocation methods with following options:

- Current method (low level bias)
- Defense points based (the higher your opponent’s defense – the higher is your CP)
- Pure chance
- Combination of the above

Thank you.

PS: I personally prefer randomized combination of the above, as it would make fights pay offs a bit more unpredictable, which for me is more fun.