View Full Version : A big thank you to CJ and GREE and a question on your Gree "math"

04-16-2013, 08:57 PM
First and foremost, thanks to CJ, Kevin, Mike, et al at Gree for finally (4 months later) rewarding me my A2 stiletto for our rightful 100 rank in Brazil. So far, myself and 2 others have had this unit credited after many tickets. We have approximately 34 other players who deserve the A2 after all this time. Most have sent tickets, since January, and have not received them yet. A spreadsheet has been sent with players who are worthy of this unit. Whatever it takes on our end, just let us know! Perhaps CJ or anyone else at Gree can PM me for a spreadsheet with member names and IDs. We have been at a disadvantage this whole time in countless battles, attacks and raids due to a missing unit which was credited to few on the account of miscalculations on Gree's end. Let me know via PM how this matter can be resolved so that we are on a level playing field Gree- thank you in advance for your attention to this matter!

In regards to the new Gree math- could you please explain how we are hitting/ raiding rivals and when we see similar ranges on profile page i.e. 150k attack vs 155k def then we attack or raid the rival and the "results" screen shows them having much lower defense? By 30k or more? In some cases it ranges almost 100k points lower? It makes it difficult to determine what a true defense value is. It is the reverse of the way things used to be when you would see a rivals stats, know you were higher and could attack and then their skill points might make you lose at times. Now, things have reversed Gree? Skill points don't count anymore for defending rivals? If a rival shows 100k def on their profile before a raid then we hit this rival and he shows 70k defense - does this make sense? Lets say its faction boosts - shouldn't we see that on the profile page?

Furthermore, I have personally attacked and raided rivals many times where both the rivals profile stats and "results" page show much lower defense to my attack... But I lose some of these? Then win them- stats always show for example 50k lower than my attack!!?? Is the famous "Gree multiplier" in effect to the degree of 30k+ points of stats now?? Again, makes it hard to find rivals worth it when true numbers in attacks and raids seem non transparent!

Perhaps this is "reverse Polish notation" math used in your Gree algorithms. I use reverse Polish notation calculator all day and it is more accurate than normal ones in my business - calculating IRR, ROI,NPV,FV, etc. However, I'm wondering if this is the mathematical application to the Gree algorithms regarding the casualty rate glitch many complained about. Perhaps this is your Gree "bandaid" on a gaping wound of more miscalculations and errors and ineptitude ???

Thanks again for 3 of our members getting their rewards since January! MANY others still waiting, tickets not answered, displeasure abounds nearly 5 months later!

Think of it this way CJ, et al - go to the casino, spend your real $ and get chips "gold" and beat other players at the black jack table. Beat the dealer with black jack! Then go to collect your winnings and you are told "you didn't win anything" for 5 months!

Fix this ASAP - I'm not going to ever give up for my faction. As a former Marine with many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan I know real war and play this game to relax. These aforementioned issues make this game stressful. Semper Fi to all MW players and to Gree - I know you have many tickets,etc - but justice and fair play is long overdue!

Again, your strict attention to these matters is appreciated in an very timely manner.

04-16-2013, 10:31 PM
You got what you deserve (and paid for) 4 months late and without interest. Gree should be the one thanking you, for your patience and level-headedness.

04-17-2013, 08:17 AM
I never got my Luxury Liner, so many tickets that I don't even get a response any more.