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Kiss Of Death
04-19-2013, 01:03 AM
Well I have read as usual so many whiners about GREEís only introduced Guilds/Factions/Syndicates to make money... but actually lets go back 12 months on posts and yes those of us old enough and not stupid enough to forget there were so many many conversations about (esp. in Crime City) about how great it would be if there was some way Funzio (back then) could make alliance work in the games so that forum friends could actually do stuff together and make wars, so that real Gangs could get together like they did in the forums. In fact even when Forum Knights was formed it was partly to compensate for the fact we couldnít do it in the game. Back then about the best you could do was put a tag on your in game name...

And now, we have them and these groups can chip in and build group bonuses win prizes and compete against each other... and you all complain?! Crazy

Ok so for those complain: You DONíT have to be in a guild/faction/syndicate that plays for the top 250 places. Just get a bunch of friends together even if its a few of you and you can build your team a few bonuses, make things faster heal quicker for big boss events, get better stats, and IF YOU and your friends have a few battles maybe place top 500-1000 without Gems/Gold without excessive dedication and score a few prizes that boost your stats. Thatís what my CC syndicate is about and my MW syndicate. We arenít there to compete and spend huge amounts of money but we keep placing 250-500 each time anyway and growing in stats, chatting and being funny in the forum in the game and its good. Also i have a KA account in someoneís camping guild which does not fight at all and between being naughty on the forum and mucking around we just chip in what we can and surprisingly we have 18% faster buildings and cheaper. Iím only level 10 in that guild and have been for weeks.

So ďIĒ would like to say thank you GREE for listening from last year and providing the platform we all wished we had, and I hope those in who want to really battle and get big prizes at the top enjoy it as much as those who just play for fun and free as well.

I still think this forum has decayed with all the spammers and people who only ever have narrow mindless bitter views who donít have the mental capacity to actually step back... look at what is available and use it in one of the MANY ways it can be used.


04-19-2013, 04:02 AM
Well said Kiss! ;)

Seek & destroy
04-19-2013, 04:32 AM
I totally agree with everything u said its so true friends can get
together & have FUN & u can meet new friends.well said KOD