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04-21-2013, 06:49 AM
I have another game that I play that randomly assigns you to teams when they do team events, and the teams change each time they do these events. I think this would make WD more interesting and possibly encourage participation. What if MW had done WD this way instead of having factions? I see this as a way to prevent one team from winning every event (no offense to PUN or the other top factions that tend to win the top prizes because I know you work hard and/or put a lot of money into the game to do so) and gives everybody a real shot at winning the top prize(s) and just keeps the game interesting because you have no way of knowing what might happen in each battle.

One way it could be done is that they could determine how many teams they were going to have and do it bracket style. Let's say they choose 128 countries that teams will battle to dominate. Each team gets assigned a country for that particular battle. You get matched up against a team and move on if you win. There is no declaring war because battle times would be predetermined in advance so everyone would know when battles take place thus giving everyone time to regenerate their health. Each time you win, your team gets a cash prize and/or a special unit that gives you some advantage such as health regen, income boost, def boost, etc. They could do this either as single elimination or double elimination by sending you to a losers bracket. Something that they could incorporate into this (and possibly consider doing now) is adding a new stat--attacks initiated. This would make it much easier to determine if a team member even participated or just had attacks against them. Any cash won by the team for winning a round goes into a team bank and gets divided up at the end by those who participated. Units are also only given to those who actually participated. Any spoils of war won from attacks goes to that player, but an equal amount is also added to the team bank for distribution when your team is eliminated. This could encourage more people to participate because they only get the prizes if they do so and cannot just coast in these events. To make the numbers easy as an example, your team bank has 90 million in it. You had 100 people on your team but only 90 participated, each player then gets 1,000,000.

Another way this could be done is that once the number of teams is determined, they make it so each team goes up against every other team once and whoever has the most points at the end wins that country. Battle times would be predetermined as well and spread over a longer time period to accomplish this.

To make it a little more interesting and competitive if they would determine that teams would battle for control of say 128 countries. Each team is assigned to a specific country. If your team successfully defends your country, you get a special building or unit for doing so on top of any other prizes you win.

These other special events would still go on as well to give you a chance to win units to help in those battles.

I think this could boost participation and possibly prevent burnout as there could be fewer teams to go up against and people wouldn't necessarily have to stay up all weekend to battle as they could possibly be spread out over time. I know there would most likely be other advantages and disadvantages to doing it this way as well but my computer is acting up so I am trying to wrap this up.

What are thoughts on this? Good idea or bad idea? What advantages/disadvantages do you see in doing it this way?

04-21-2013, 06:16 PM
Good idea for the llp, but the hlp wouldn't like it.