View Full Version : Latest update runs faster on Android

panty sniffer
04-24-2013, 01:49 AM
Or is it just me.?

I noticed significant improvement on a normally laggy gaming experience.

Not the update yesterday. there was another one less than 5 minutes from this post.

Thanks Gree. Me gold working for me.

04-24-2013, 07:14 AM
You could be right, normally the game hangs often on my phone, did not noticed it today.

04-24-2013, 04:52 PM
Looting buildings works a lot better for me now, as well as no hang upon login anymore. Definitely improved something. :)

04-25-2013, 03:27 AM
I crash every 5-10 hoods now instead of every 3rd hood. :D
I can rob again. Thank you GREE.

... I type as my game crashes.

04-25-2013, 05:01 AM
God dammit, you suckered me into updating. Now I'm in a whole world of confusing with rivals' profile stats again, just when I thought I had it figured out. I hope at the very least we don't get any more events starting a day or more late, let alone having the event temporarily unavailable for a day (looking at you, Executive Coupe event).