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04-28-2013, 09:23 PM
Isn't it fantastic loosing to a player that has defensive stats 150K less than yours? Or raiding a players base that defense is 200K higher than your attack pays off as well.

Isn't it great that since only your best units are brought to battle your attack stats fluctuate erratically on every attack.

I like my 1999th unit that I bring into battle is weaker than my opponents and I loose because of that.

Or the mystery of skill points being set could explain some of this.. Or if its a combination of both? Does this truly work?

Anyone else still having an issue with the rival list? In comparison with a faction members that have the same amount of allies as I and also near the same level never sees the same rivals or is attacked more than 12x by the same player with in the same hour? Anyone?

Version 3.6 is the latest for iOS at this time because according to support and an email regarding this iOS 6.1.3 and MW 3.6 are out dated.. So if there is a place that I can't find an unreleased updated version would you share that so I can enjoy playing at some point?

04-28-2013, 11:40 PM
I no longer see weaker players on my rival list. I'm level 122 and the lowest I see are a few sparse Captains. I don't attack/raid much so now the easiest way for me to a find a weak target is to attack people that fail at raiding me. I hit them every day when I want to level until I feel bad.

It's so time consuming to find people worth raiding/attacking that I don't bother. The pvp aspect of the game is pretty dull. At a max of $300k return per attack it's not even worth looking for cash cows as I make 2.2 mil an hour.

All of the pvp I do is during war, or to finish up leveling in order to benefit from health regen for an event.

04-28-2013, 11:50 PM
I just asked this in a thread should have read this first. There seems to be no consistency with how attacks are are calculated. It's like a free for all each time who knows if you'll win? Give a try it only costs a quarter