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04-29-2013, 08:53 PM
Hi everyone,

The time of the month have arrived! Yes, the time where players that do not perform get kicked out and factions trying to get strong players but what they will received are only those that just got booted out.

The same thing is going on in my faction but this time round, we are looking at smaller factions to join us instead.

i have 3 crazy fellow that throw in about 12000 gold a war and 20 that throw in a minimum of 1 vault of gold.

we ranked 11x in the battle for ireland and are looking for the main group in smaller faction to join us and we'll all gain our top 100 the next battle.

-Min 4m donation daily on average (your donation are strictly tracked so that we know who are deadweight to us and will empty out that slot for the others.)

-Min stats : 70/90 a/d

-willing to spend a min of 1 vault of gold every battle if not be on for 24 hour and score min 80k WD points.

Requirement seems tough? YES they are, however those who meet them wouldn't be complaining as their money will not be down the drain.

our faction bonus:
health regen :22%
ground att :5%
air att :5%
infantry att :5%
infantry def :30%
ground def :20%
air def : 20%
sea def :15%
building def :25%
building output :10%

If you are interested, please do drop me a PM or email me at yihaok@gmail.com


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