View Full Version : Take it Easy on the Bonuses

05-01-2013, 07:17 AM
With all the bonuses being given out this game seems to becoming at a stage where it is redicolous. Some upgrades are almost meaningless now. The question is, is there an aspect to the game that be given better bonuses that would not entirely effect the game but a certain characteristic? Or example, the way bases are constructed could be changed. They have tried to integrate bonuses for defensive buildings but could they do it in a more interesting way to which surrounding your base with defensive weapons actually makes it difficult for any player to invade? Not too difficult obviously, but in a way where construction and building ANY building is worth certain bonuses? The extra 5 percent here and there has to be appreciated more doesn't it? We have teams that are getting 100 percent bonuses already which is great if they deserve it. But there has to be an appreciation for it. I know the attack is being more appreciated but the defense is being given out like candy. I personally think they need to make every percent appreciatable an worth fighting for.

Also the sea parts of our map have not been explored... There is much potential for Modern War and its success to continue. It just needs to know its limitations for bonuses.

Instead of percentages of building decreases in time or money, maybe there should be a set amount?

You see this can be fixed. We get awesome units and awesome upgrades. I really like them don't get me wrong, I and many of us have worked hard for them. But I'm kind of getting weirded out. I feel like I don't appreciate like I should these bonuses anymore.