View Full Version : Tired of looking for a faction w/ bonuses, want to have fun and win?

05-01-2013, 06:28 PM
Finished better then 500 in Ireland , not bad for newly assembled team. We cut the fat and now need to patch the final spots .We can only get better with YOU!

Looking for hourly players only ! ! !
Attack/Defense 50/50 k would concidef above 40k for both for light gold user to make up for stats
Ideally if we had another big hitter like our leader we would be 250 capable
PM me with your info if you are interested

Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders)

Shield Leader Defense: 264k
Health Regeneration -26%
Ground Attack +10%
Infantry Attack +10%
Infantry Defense +30%
Ground Defense +20%
Air Defense +15%
Sea Defense +10%
Building Output +15%
Building Defense +20%
Guild Member Increase +22

Join Us Spots Available Active Hourly Players Only Please

05-02-2013, 10:28 AM
We have 2 spots left

05-02-2013, 02:12 PM
Killroy wishes you luck.