View Full Version : Do you have over 350k defense and are not currently in a top 25 faction?

05-01-2013, 10:17 PM
Faction of United Campers is now taking applications for a new defense leader.

If you have more than 350,000 defense and are not already in a top 25 faction, then we have a home for you!

Here are our current bonuses:

Casualty Rate -5%
Health Regen -26% (max)
Ground Attack +15%
Air Attack +10%
Infantry Attack +20%
Sea Attack +5%
Infantry Defense +30% (max)
Ground Defense +30% (max)
Air Defense +25%
Sea Defense +25%
Building Defense +30% (max)
Building Output +20%
Guild Member Increase +36

We have a fully functional faction website and forum, not to mention a real-time messaging app for faction communication.

If you're interested, then post your stats below and send me a pm.