View Full Version : Looking for Strong Active Players!!!!!

Georgia Boyz
05-02-2013, 03:34 PM
Looking for Strong and Active Players!!!!!!We have good bonuses and a great team.We fought 33 battles in Ireland.Very active squad we have!!!!!We have gotten rid of deadbeats and r looking for players that want to grow with us.We have a strong team...We finished in 1100's in Ireland but will be in top 1000 in Colombia.U need to score 20k WD Points,Donate what money u can daily,and all bricks.Come check us out!!!!We r a mix between gold and free players!!!

Health Regen:-15%
Infantry Def:+25%
Ground Def:+15%
Air Def:+10%
Sea Def:+5%
Building Def:+15%