View Full Version : A MESSAGE TO THE FACTION MEMBERS OF:.. from us..329th ireland

05-03-2013, 08:33 AM
were specifically intrested in the following players.... if your intrested please reply... from the crew named "semper fi never die" sam....... from "us, aces" franko..... "elite forces" joel..... the future of faction wars is becoming clear... you three are on the wrong crews... and we grew again... save yourselves.....
and now a different message...... if you belong to the following crews.... "head hunterz" ..." krush kill destroy".... "g. town ballerz" some of you are still saveable... not able to help all of you. first come first served...... and for that crew that calls themselves "white power"... just to let you know... we put it on you idiots extra just because of your stupid name.... and weve all agreed to do go out of our way to hunt your crew in regular play..... have a nice day everybody....

05-03-2013, 10:40 AM
We have 18 members and 8 open spots and are looking to MERGE factions (either way) or add new members. $1m weekly dues and forum usage required. that's it (and hopefully if we merge with you, your faction has similar rules).

Mostly UK & USA players
Health Regen -9%
Infantry Defense +15%
Ground Defense +10%
Air Defense +5%
Sea Defense +5%
Building Defense +15%

Contact me, Haplo, if interested 143-815-832