View Full Version : Top 250 Faction, recruiting 25 players for top 100 position...

05-03-2013, 11:57 AM

Seeking 25 additional members
Commitment to 50K during WD Events.
Keep costs at a reasonable level
Top 100 focus

We are currently in the top 250, but if we do not shed our low performing players, we will probably drop down to the top 500. 15 Players are dedicated and passionate about the game and all are committed to generating 50K per WD Event.

25 members are moving down to a Second Division team, but remaining in the Faction because we are all close knit and very sociable.

That allows us to recruit those light/medium/heavy gold users willing to commit 50K+ to a WD Event.

Some of our team generate 200K-300K+ etc during an Event, so if you want to spend more you'll be in good company, but the emphasis here is on keeping costs sensible and not carrying any deadweight! By working together as a strong team we should be able to achieve significant results with much lower outlay.

We will always retain our Faction and name, but if you have a team of players willing to commit to 50K, by all means, bring them across. We maybe able to use your old faction as our second team?

To conclude:-

Looking to contain costs
Focus is on top 100
No pressure to generate more than 50K during WD Events

Join us?

05-06-2013, 05:32 AM
Still looking guys / girls...

If you can bring in 50k per WD event then we are interested.

Professional website, full range of Ranks (not just Officer!), medals etc etc

Do you have what it takes??

Please PM me if you're interested.