View Full Version : 406th in ireland. Need one medium sized player

05-03-2013, 12:13 PM
We are close knit group. Everyone is super active. Everyone donates as best they can. 5x iph is our rule of thumb. We have the following bonuses:

Guild +18
Inf defense 20
Ground d. 15
Air d. 10
Sea d 10
Build d 15
Build output +10 (be working on this soon)
Infantry attack 5%
Health regen 18% (working on this now)

We have 1.2 billion in bank, and by this time tomorrow will have 1.5 bil to buy our next health regen to help during war and this boss event.

Easy going, organized, and mature.

We love war and have improved every campaign. We fully expect to be top 250 in the near future

Just need one. Pm me with your stats if interested. Add me as ally if you want to chat in game. 581 906 859

Faction code is 599 657 682, but please apply first.