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05-04-2013, 07:32 AM
PLEASE JOIN: ComeOneComeAll - 901 843 122

*Are your tired of fighting hard and others NOT showing up during the War?
*Are you upset that you donate daily and "freeloaders" do not donate?
*Are you frustrated that Faction leaders don't enforce the Faction rules?
*We offer a FUN Faction of "active players" who work together in an organized fashion as a TEAM to achieve continued success. We understand TEAM!

- We placed 146th in the war for Ireland.
- We joined forces with another faction for the war in China and placed 106th as "Seal Team Six".
- We placed 207th in the war for Egypt.
- We are now looking for (6) active and dedicated players level 30-180 (exceptions can be made for the right player).
- We are looking for you to be an hourly player during WD events while your awake (this means you would need to spend about 5 minutes twice per hour, every other hour for the 3 day event unless you are a gold player (all players will be required to achieve 25,000 WD points minimum). This can either be achieved through the use of a gold or by being active in 20-25 wars over the weekend, you do not have to be a gold player to join our faction. We scout religiously and post results to the forum, you must simply "log in" and make your attacks about 15 minutes after each war begins.
- We expect you to have 510 allies for each war (exceptions are made for the right individuals - more details upon acceptance).
- Ideally you should posses attack skills at or above 50k in order to be effective in battle (exceptions can be made for the right player).
- You must have a valid email account (google is preferred) this is used for communication of battle plans, battle schedules, faction financial reports, etc. (we use google docs today).
- You will be required to donate a minimum of 6 times your hourly income (6 x IPH) each day in order to help the faction grow and add additional bonuses, we track these donations to the dollar, (no dead wood will be tolerated in COCA).

- Our faction bonuses currently include the following (although faction members have won additional bonuses above and beyond this through WD participation).

Health Regeneration -18% time
Infantry Attack +5%
Infantry Defense +20%
Ground Attack + 5%
Ground Defense +15%
Air Defense +15%
Sea Defense +10%
Building Defense +15%
Building Output Bonus +10%
Guild Member Increase +16

To apply:
Email to: modernwar.coca@gmail.com
Please include a screen shot of your profile page as we can not see your "true" stats. We will contact you via email for further instructions.

Thank you,
The COCA Officersi
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05-05-2013, 02:22 PM
OK that is the faction officer's pitch. Let me tell you more. I was in another faction before this. The Leader was essentially absent during battles and then complained if anyone else missed one. He had no plan, no organization and no coordinated attack strategy. COCA is just the opposite, it is well organized, the officers actually lead and exceed the standard they set for members. On our forum members share tips on how to advance and beat GREE missions. I learned more in a week on our forum then I did the entire time in the other faction. Of course winning doesn't suck either, lol. This is a great group of players and you will be glad you are a member. BTW for the record, I am not a big money player who sinks tons of gold into the game. My total gold purchases are $0 and I am still able to be an active member of this faction. it's a great place to be.