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05-04-2013, 03:21 PM
Top 1000 faction recruiting now.

It's just a game are looking for active players to replace the recently removed deadwood and inactive members. We have placed top 1000 in all events except China.

We are a mix of light gold players and free players and come from the USA, Uk and Australia.
Our goal is to reach the top 500, through increasing our faction size

2 spots are currently available posibily more for the right players

We would never demand a player have to spend gold that is your choice. Participation is our main requirement.

We have no donation demands, all we ask is for daily donations to boost our bonuses.

We use chat apps for in game chat during battles.

Bonuses already achieved:-

+20% Defense building defense.
+20% Infantry defense.
+15% Ground defense.
+15% Air defense.
+5% Sea defense.
+5% Building output.
+18% Health Regen.
+14 Guild increase.

If you are interested in joining please PM me, with a brief list of your stats. Where you are from how often you play etc.

Our Faction Number is :- 215475099

Look forward to hearing from you.


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05-06-2013, 03:27 PM
Looking for 1 more person. PM me if you're interested.

💣🐺🐺 Samurai's Sword Faction🐺🐺🔫
👥 🆔296172545 - Faction Code👥
🏆Came in 1242 in China, 498 in Ireland🏆
🔴Strong, All Active group. Most players are 30k-90k🔴
We offer the following bonuses:
🔋Health Regen: -14%
🔰Infantry Defense: +20%
⚡Ground Defense: +15%
🏢Building Defense: +20%
✈Air Defense +5%
💰Building Output: +10%
👥Guild Member Increase +14
💹💰 Average faction income per day is 45million+ 💰💹