View Full Version : Very Active Faction looking for Players!!!!

Georgia Boyz
05-04-2013, 04:07 PM
We r a 26 member faction that finshed 1168 in Ireland with 8 no shows for war,needless to say they r no longer with us.We have already replaced 5 with some strong players including a new DL with 180kDef.With 3 more strong players wewill be around the top 750 range.We r a mix of gold spenders and free players.All we ask for is active players that participate in wars.We use a chat app for communicating especially during war. We ask that u donate what money u can daily and all bricks.We have good benefits so come aboard and lets rise to the top!!!!

Health Regen:-15%
Infantry Def:+25%
Ground Def:+15%
Air Def:+10%
Sea Def:+5%
Building Def:+15%