View Full Version : Called Bob or Rob? Looking for a well organised team? Join the Bob Mob!

Bob Mob Recruiting
05-06-2013, 02:14 PM
Is your CC player name Bob? Or in any way related to Bob? Are you looking for a new syndicate? Why not join the 43 Bobs and Robs in my Bob Mob syndicate and help build our Bobylonian Empire :-)

We are a good team, improving all the time, we finished 457th in the last battle, Packer Heights.

Packer Heights - 457th
Market Plaza - 476th
Midtown - 493rd

We have bought 68 bonuses,
Fight Respect +25%
Jobs Payout +20%
Car Defence +25%
Building Output +25%
Melee Attack +10%
Melee Defence +25%
Gun Defence +25%
Armour Attack +15%
Armour Defence +25%
Explosive Attack +10%
Explosives Defence +20%
Building Defence +25%
Hideout Health +10%
Hideout Damage +10%
Syndicate Member Increase +28

If you are interested in joining the syndicate, the code is 571266212. Feel free to post a reply here, or pm me, if you wish to discuss how to join. All levels accepted/considered - as long as you have a Bob related name.

Thanks for reading.
Dingo Bob

Bob Mob Recruiting
05-10-2013, 02:16 AM
Have you battled us? A full syndicate of Bobs and Robs! Called Bob or Rob yourself? Ever wondered how to join? Well here's your chance!

Just 2 spots remaining, thanks for all the enquiries to date. Any further Bobs or Rob interested? If so please pm me or reply to the thread.

I'm not considering a syndicate merger - but thanks for all these offers too, good luck to you guys! Maybe we can catch you up in the rankings one day!

Dingo Bob