View Full Version : Pipe Hitters Union Looking for a Strong Player

05-06-2013, 04:33 PM
Hi there!

Pipe Hitters Union finished 639th in Ireland and has remained within the Top 1,000 tier for all previous WD events, with the exception of a 1,054th rank in China (ouch! So close!). Pipe Hitters has one spot open for a heavy hitter. Doesn't have to be an uber-super-heavy-duty hitter, just a player that fits the following standards:

60k/60k stats minimum
Willing to part with 2x their IPH in donations per day (that's chicken feed!)
Make a minimum of 30k in WD points for the next WD event (not needed all the time!)
Gold not a requirement - only at your own discretion!
Humor - the more comedy the better! We're a relaxed group.
Communicates with their teammates (in other words, we don't need the silent type)

You don't have to be the Defense Leader... we have a great one already. But Pipe Hitters needs an extra heavy in the game!

If you're burned out, done with spending, and need a more relaxing environment, then come on over and take a look... you won't regret it.

PM me if you have any specific questions... Thanks!