View Full Version : Calling all top 4000 factions

Supreme ruler
05-07-2013, 07:21 AM
We are a Top 1500 faction looking to absorb a top 4000 faction

We currently have 23 players and growing. We finished the Ireland event with over 230k WD points. We will increase our guild to fit all your top players.

This is our ranking:

Egypt: 1900's (with 8 members)
China: 1600's (with 12 members)
Ireland: 1300's (with 18 members)

We currently have the following bonuses

Health regeneration +14% (priority)
Building defense: +10%
Infantry defense: +10%
Ground defense: +10%
Sea defense: +5%
Air defense: +5
Guild increase: +4

Our defense leader is 90K defense
We generate at least 40 mil per day in revenue and growing.

Our faction name is BALLSSOBIG 688 688 021

PM me to discuss the details