View Full Version : Tired of you doing all of the work in your faction?

05-07-2013, 01:02 PM
If you are tired of doing all the work in your faction send me a PM. We are about to upgrade for two more members . We are a top 50 faction. Looking for active players 40k points in WD will not cut it for a top team. Let me know of you are interested.

05-07-2013, 01:02 PM
70k+ A/D Needed in top 250 Faction !!!! Are you in?

Seal Tm 6 Needs you today! Top 250 striving to get better every day!
TWO OPEN SPOTS!!! Gold and Non-Gold welcome! Gotta be Active and participate in Group Forum Chats! +70k A/D preferred before faction boosts. It's all about having fun, being laid back, but working as a team the whole way! Great Bonuses!

Our current Faction Bonuses are as follows:
Health Regen 26%
Infantry Att 10%
Infantry Def 25%
Ground Def 20%
Air Def 15%
Sea Def 10%
Building Def 25%
Building Output 10%
Guild Member Increase +20

Brazil - 88th
Greenland - 156th
Egypt - 238th
China - 217th
Irlenad - 255

If interested, please send me a Private Message with your stats, abilities, questions, Player Screen Name, and an in-game faction join request ( 999-632-724 )