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05-07-2013, 01:11 PM
βĹĂČĶ ĎĔĂŤĤ syndicate: 484 092 997

10 days will go by fast!

Read below and if you think you fit the bill, look us up.

βĹĂČĶ ĎĔĂŤĤ ranked 419 in Packer Heights with only 32 of 50 members. We are a strong syndicate with a dedicated core group of people who have been with the syndicate from the start.

We ask that you donate but we do not have minimums. We have most the major upgrades so its more of a show of participation. However, we are always looking for more bricks.

We have gold spenders but it is not a requirement.

Participation is huge, specifically for the main events. If you are looking for a free ride, look somewhere else. We clean house after every event. Other than that, we are pretty laid back.

We are looking for mid to upper level players who have a good grasp of gameplay, can follow battle strategy, and have STRONG stats for your level. By strong I mean level-equivalent or better.

Are you having trouble filling up your syndicate? We would consider a merger while we have this many spots open but we are not leaving our clan, you would have to come to us. If that sounds plausible for you PM me and we will talk. Don't bring your stragglers. Right now we are 32/50 strong with most the bonuses.