View Full Version : Back Alley Network TOP 50 Syndicate

05-07-2013, 03:50 PM
Back Alley Network placed 49 th packer heights (players had google store probs) 36th in marketplace event and 65th in midtown we are on the rise and have our sights on top 25 for upcoming war... We have done all this with 54 members we are very selective with who we add

Looking for active players that like to have fun joke around and win ... Must be a strong player for your level and an adult no kids please even if your daddy gave you a shinny CC...

We are extremely organized have our own website that automatically tracks daily lifetime and weekly cash and brick donations and a war tracker that again automatically tracks all points wins and losses in each individual war. Besides that we have our own forum is linked to the ingame forum... Website also has other features but those are for member only info ...We dont have all the bonuses but the majority Cheaters don't even bother i will report you.