View Full Version : Looking for 1 motivated player or small group ASAP!!

05-07-2013, 04:42 PM
Tired of carrying everyone else in your faction? Tired of working your butt off only to see no progress being made? Tired of no communication within your faction? I was, so i relinquished command of my faction and joined the Bombers! You can to! It will be the best move you can make! The 3o7 Berlin Bombers are looking for you!

We have ranked in the top 500 in each campaign except Ireland! This was due to a few strong players (gold players) who decided to jump into a top tier faction. Since then, we had a small group of strong players (some gold) join our team and we are excited about regaining our top 500 rank!

We have good bonuses, great communication and a sound battle plan! All members work very hard on faction readiness and contribute what they can. Gold is not mandatory, but appreciated. We have an array of different methods according to each member; some moderate gold players, light gold players and free players. It's your choice.

You need to be active, willing to donate what you can afford and communicating is mandatory.

We use an off site forum for faction details; battle plans; votes; polls; and other Bomber details. We also use an instant messaging app for friendly communication and general banter!

If being part of this type of team interests you and your willing to strive for a top 500 ranking, PM me so we can exchange information.

Currently our guild is 31/32, but we will be willing to expand the guild depending on quality and quantity of players looking to move. We can make it work. PM me before its too late.

Recruiting Officer