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05-08-2013, 01:27 AM
[beginrant] i know many people may have already created threads on this topic but its my first on this topic. i really wish to understand how this thing works. is it cuz of the syndicate modifiers or something else?

got an opponent who looked promising a good return on each exp gained lol .. the pics say it all ..



if this person is hacking, he has been reported multiple times as per his wall comments. many comments are more than 2 months old. is gree doing anything about such ppl who are nothing but a disgrace to this game?

gree, i'm no longer playing modernwar if you are not going to do anything about cheaters. i have been playing crimecity since an year and thought of trying your other games. been playing mw since a month and there are waaaaaay too many cheaters to continue playing.

i don't understand, why r ur games are so easy to hack/cheat? if i see a cheater here and there once in a while, still can understand. but its like more than half the crowd is cheating lol [/endrant]

05-08-2013, 01:33 AM
I encountered this on my camper the other day. Hit a rival who had two allies. Listed defense was 124. When I hit him, I lost and his defense stat said 25k. I looked at his inventory and there was nothing but a couple of low-level scratcher units, maybe two or three loot items off the first map, and a few 1/1 cash items. Only thing I could think was some kind of a skill point hack.

Speed ump
05-08-2013, 01:44 AM
Skill point hackers

05-08-2013, 01:45 AM
yea this person had nothing special in his inventory either. just a few boss items and nothing else. but he'll only grow stronger with his hacked stats. i guess he can beat the boss all the way without gold.