View Full Version : War without declaring.

05-11-2013, 12:48 PM
We are suddenly finding our guild at war without a declaration announcement. Is that possible or is someone messing with us and deleting the announcement.

05-11-2013, 12:54 PM
If you look at the 'Chat' tab in the Guild section you will see who pressed the button.

05-11-2013, 01:00 PM
That's what I'm saying in the chat with the declarations and donations on, there is no war announcement. How is that possible. Can rank and file delete them or is it only officers.

05-11-2013, 01:03 PM
Rank and file can delete their own messages, including war declarations. There is no defense other than a watchful eye.

05-11-2013, 08:02 PM
Sorry Krissy I deleted the message, jk. Ask your officers if they saw anything, also did anybody in your guild score pts by hitting your opponent. You may want to narrow your search to those that participated in the war, though it is not certain but is a good starting point to find the culprit.