View Full Version : MGB (Top 500) Recruiting Active Players

05-15-2013, 11:46 AM
MGB is currently looking to add a few new active players. Previous top 250 but slipped a touch outside of that in the last event.

We added a few new members prior to the last battle and a number of them no-showed us during the war, so we're looking to replace them. Currently have 2 spots open.

We're an active, adult group with no childish BS. Decent mix of players... some higher levels and a few sneaky lower-level members with killer stats.

Again, we've cut our handful of no-shows and want to add a few new active players. I'm certain we can hit top 250 again with the right pieces in place.

PM me if you'd like any other specific info. Feel free to join if interested. MGB 915 113 433.