View Full Version : War games, yay! (Yawn, me needs sleep)

05-17-2013, 08:33 AM
Tactically I love this game, click a button, defeat someone and win/lose stuff. So simple, yet so addictive. It's 11.30pm where I am now, waiting for the start of war. Now I think how sad this is, I do nothing these weekends except click screened buttons and buy units that have bitmaps and numbers. Could only be worse if I used real money on a medic pack that won't cure my type 1 diabetes or any destroyed part of my attack. Well, me moaning about how stuff is never free enough or stuff is so bad is never going to help me at anything, so why should I or anyone care, it's a game. I'm going to sleep now, and only wage war when I wake up, nighty night people.