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05-21-2013, 04:24 AM
We are a small, modest faction with a few spots open for dedicated everyday players. We do not require Gold to play. We went from top 4000 to being in the top 500, actually more like the top 400. We play daily, we have a chat room for use during non war times and in between battles. We have a structured strategy that has worked well for our team. If you play daily, have a decent AD for your level with the right amount of allies, you might be the perfect match. Of course we have bonuses, though we chose not to let our enemies know what we do have, so I will not post them for all to see. We delete the ones who do not communicate, donate, or fight. If you are tired of being in a losing faction, then add me to your allies list so we may talk. If we are not a match, no harm no foul. We do not accept players when we get within three to four days before a scheduled war nor the day after a war finishing, we do not want rejects from other factions. Just team players who enjoys the game.
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