View Full Version : Recruiting now: gold users and active members

05-21-2013, 03:31 PM
We are now recruiting gold and active daily players.
Requirements: players with 200k+ A/D (without faction bonus)
and with 200k WD points to do on next war.
Going for top 10, again.

Palringo app comunication. Invite code: 981-371-815

Brazil 46th
Greenland 38th
Egypt 8th
China 9th
Ireland 5th (but we be taken out of list but prizes received, because of some player´s glitches that get frozen accounts, but now out of faction)
Colombia 28th (we were 42, from 60 players)

Our bonuses are:
Casuality Rate +15%
Health Regen Time +30%
Ground Attack +30%
Air Attack +20%
Infantry Attack +30%
Sea Attack +15%
Infantry Defense +30%
Ground Defense +30%
Air Defense +30%
Sea Defense +30%
Building Defense +30%
Building Output +25%
Guild Member Increase +40

Joe Army