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05-22-2013, 07:34 PM

SF3 is now looking for active players to fill up some spots. The faction has been regrouped due to players left( most of them just stop playing due to real life struggling). However, the faction has lot of great bonuses. DL has 250K around a/d boosting (gold user). Core members all have above 80K/90K a/d. Lowest guy is about 50K.

The faction is hoping to have some new blood to get back to top400 again. Therefore, if u have good a/d with strong willing to develop and involve, we would like to hear u :)

1.Min A/D 40K (Cant be lower than 30K...sry)
2.No WD points required, but we would like to know how much u did last time (Just reference)
3.No allies required as well, however we will help u to reach 500+ within a short time
4.The daily donation normally 1-2 million (lower IPH can go 1m or other situation)
5.Follow general orders during war:)

The faction is very friendly and has a facebook group if u would like to make friends in real world:) It also has a smurf faction with no a/d and donation requirements (just for beginners to learn the game & have fun).

U can PM or reply here to express your interesting. Invite code: 298731013

05-22-2013, 07:37 PM
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