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05-22-2013, 11:21 PM
I would be happy to consider with providing a new home for you. For starters our leader is not a power hungry egotistical @$$hole like some on here. However you and your party will be reviewed for admittance and with that being said here is our info. We Ranked Top 1000 columbia(dreadful turnout members had obligations and some no shows (removed) if a reason to not play is emailed prior to war all is forgiven) 672 in Ireland, 812 in China, 973 in the battle for Egypt, 1325th in Greenland,and 1424 in brazil. invite *Code 657842574 to join ISF International Strike Force Faction, Seeking commited players only. We are a democratic faction voting is a part of our game play , we communicate using an app outside of the forum. continually evolving to become better and we have a sound battle plan and understand the mechanics of the game, just looking for committed players to make that weekend sacrifice. If you are a daily player, can contribute 3xIPH (income per hour) Battle plans and updates are distributed via email so an address is required. To play this game is a choice to be part of any faction is a privilege that requires sacrifice that you may not normally do when playing alone.If you can meet these minimum requirements then hit me back let me know your decision.
Health Regeneration -20
Infantry defense  +15
Ground Defense  +15
Air Defense  *+10
Building Defense  +15
Building Output +5