View Full Version : Looking for active players top 500 faction - No Retreat No Surrender

05-23-2013, 12:19 PM
We have finished in the top 500 in the last 3 wars 411 in Colombia.

Were looking for active players that enjoy the game, we are a mixed age range faction that really got on as a small family!

Every member was active and 110% committed in the last war, we are all other the world from london, Europe, USA and Asia.

Most of our players are non gold spenders but committed, average score was 35k in the last event, We want someone with min 75k stats, maybe your feed up in the top 100 teams and want to rediscover the fun side!

our bonuses are:

health Regen 23% in the next couple of days, currently 18% with 1.2 billion in bank
Infantry Attack +5%
Infantry Defence +25%
Ground Defence +20%
Air Defence +15%
Sea Defence + 10%
Building Defence +20%
Building Output +5%
Guild +14 so to be 18

Its all about the fun side of the game, Guys and Girls welcome - we work hard but we play harder!!

668 764 376