View Full Version : Fed up carrying deadweight? Top 100 of interest?

05-23-2013, 01:57 PM
Are you being taken for a ride? Sometimes feals like it when you're carrying so much deadweight; have you become disillusioned with the effort the others are putting in? Bet there's just a few of you doing all the work and those lower down are simply rubbing their hands and trying to keep you sweet!

Perhaps they should be in a non gold faction rather than taking your money and rewards? Seems nice when they congratulate you but do they put any more effort in next time when you spend 100s?

We have 20 damn good players that between them scored over 2 million points. As a matter of fact we stopped playing Columbia on the Sunday as we had achieved our target of Top 250 (actually came in at number 133). The cost of pushing for the Top 100 slot really wasnt justified when the cost was spread between a small number. Had we had another 15+ people who shared our passion, then we would have achieved amazing results, and without breaking a sweat!

We have 24 slots available & good bonuses. We have no intention of abandoning such a strong Faction and joining a stronger one... we want to grow and beat the stronger ones!

Want to join us? Got some quality friends you can bring along?

Where we are going we will need players that can hold their own, so the stats can appear a little daunting;-

Level 100+
Minimum 500 allies
2000+ Troops
Attack Stats 150,000+
Attack Defence 150,000+
A commitment to just 50K Wd Points in Events
A willingness to join us on the website, forum, and chat rooms especially during wars when Intel gathering is essential

If you have the passion and the stats, we have the place!

Join us now - just send me a Personal Message with your Stats and what you scored in the last round.

05-25-2013, 09:17 AM
Lots of interest already... Be part of the next offensive!