View Full Version : Ranked 171 in Comlombia war - Two spots open

05-23-2013, 09:08 PM
World Chinese Domination is recruiting

We are looking for strong ,active and fun-going members, intending for long stay. ( China flag only).

Requirement as below :

Level 100 and below with raw stat A/D 40-50K (Negotiable )

Level 100-130 : stat A/D 80k and above

Willing to communicate with us outside MW via chat application .

Willing to commit and fight as a team during War period.

Daily donation of 2 million .

If you are interested to join us ,
please add me as allies Winner ID#571-968-492 and drop me a wall msg (Recomended :D)
Alternatively you may send me a PM for further enquiry . Thank you !
Seats are limited! Msg me first to avoid disappointment !

Faction invite Code :179221614

Ranked 171 in Colombia war
Member average raw stat of A/D 80K
Building defense 25 %
Healt Reg 20 %
Infantry Defense 15%.
Infantry Attack 5%
Ground Defense 10%
Sea Defense 5 %
Air Defense 5 %
Building Output 10 %
Guild member +16

I welcome you to join our friendly community and fight together as one!

05-25-2013, 09:23 AM
Ranked 171 in Colombia War ! friendly faction , there is still opening . PM me if interested. Thank you.